Wednesday 29 June 2022



Endodontic group is a branch of dentistry that works for education, research and treatment in the field of diagnosis and treatment of pulp and periapical diseases. In this regard, the faculty members of this group always aim to improve the level of education and research of themselves and students. Achieve the desired standard and train students who can play a key role in promoting the health of the community. Research is an integral part of this field and for this purpose, the group does its best by conducting basic, applied and interdisciplinary research in order to develop dental knowledge and achieve its missions.


We want to be up to the world standard in the field of education, research, production and transfer of knowledge in the country in the next 3 years by upgrading the scientific, research and treatment level of the group and to be mentioned as a group that provides the best educational-research and Provides a diagnosis to the children of this region with the help of capable faculty members


Adherence to Islamic values ​​and preservation of human dignity

Administrative discipline and central program in educational affairs

Integrity as the foundation of organizational communication

Belief in continuous and continuous improvement of the quality of educational processes

Group activities:

In this ward, patients are thoroughly examined upon arrival and a file is prepared for each of them. After completing the necessary examinations by the students and under the supervision of the faculty, medical services are provided to the patient according to the type of need

File preparation includes: taking history, internal and external oral examinations, prescribing Para clinical tests and diagnosis and treatment of pulp and periapical disease

Clinical education for all general students

Holding weekly theoretical classes based on the number of units

Prepare lesson plans for all theoretical units

Holding intra-section practical exams at the end of the semester

Provide educational guide for incoming students

Organize monthly group meetings


Participate in domestic and foreign seminars

Efforts to communicate with other departments of the faculty

Lectures in retraining programs

Extensive participation of members in workshops

Activities of group members in executive positions of the faculty, activities in the educational development center of the faculty and activities in the research councils of the Dental Research Center and the research council of the faculty

Provide the necessary facilities for training

Providing educational assistance facilities

Physical development commensurate with the goals and growth of the group

Provide the necessary facilities to access educational resources

Access to endodontic library resources

Internet access for students and faculty members

Group meetings:

The endodontic group meeting is held every Monday at 10 o'clock in the presence of the esteemed members of the group and a copy of the minutes is sent to the esteemed educational deputy of the faculty.

Group physical space:

 The physical space of the ward is about 165 square meters located on the ground floor of the faculty, which includes a professors' room, a radiology room, a nursing room and an endodontics ward.

Group equipment:

12 units

A hand blood pressure monitor plus a medical phone

An autoclave

An oxygen capsule equipped with a mask and oximeter

Examination set includes mirrors, forceps, etc.

A computer device

A Negatoscope

An intraoral camera device

A refrigerator to store medicine