Wednesday 29 June 2022


Introduction of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Group


Introducing the educational group:


The field of oral and maxillofacial surgery is a branch of dentistry. The main field of activity of this department includes surgical diagnosis and treatment of non-surgical and lateral diseases, lesions, injuries, abnormalities and cosmetic and congenital defects and acquired soft and hard tissue of the area. It is the mouth, jaw and face and in the mentioned areas has theoretical and practical educational activities for general doctoral students as well as research activities. The Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery of the Faculty has started working since 2013


Mission and goals:

  1. Training of graduates in general course with cognitive, skill and attitude skills in the field of diagnosis of non-maintenance teeth, treatment of oral abscesses, extraction of remaining roots and extraction of complex and simple teeth by surgical and non-surgical methods. With medications and dental emergency management
  2. Educating patients about oral hygiene after tooth extraction and follow-up treatment.
  3. Empowering students and professors in the field of scientific innovations and conducting applied-basic research through search and critique of articles is also considered.



Group activities:

  • Help review and promote educational goals and curricula
  • Develop lesson plans in various topics in accordance with the approved curriculum
  • Preparing lesson plans and course plans for all theoretical and practical units
  • Planning to empower general students in relation to the field
  • Planning to increase science production in the group with the participation of the group
  • Holding student seminars during the day
  • Daily questions and answers of all students by the professors of the department
  • Holding weekly theoretical classes based on the number of units
  • Holding frequent practical exams within the department during and at the end of the semester
  • Conducting research in applied fields in order to meet the needs of society and interdisciplinary research
  • Providing educational assistance facilities in the department
  • Possibility of accessing library resources for oral and maxillofacial surgery
  • Preparation of wall posters inside the section
  • Organize weekly group meetings
  • Participation of members in workshops.


Group equipment:

1. Tools needed to extract teeth in a simple and surgical way, including forceps, valves, etc.

2. Surgical motor

3. Portable surgical suction