Wednesday 29 June 2022



Ilam University of Medical Sciences-School of Dentistry

Department of Pediatric Dentistry



Introducing the educational group:

Pediatric dentistry is a branch of dentistry and the main field of activity of this department includes prevention, diagnosis and treatment

Oral and dental diseases of children and adolescents are natural and with special needs and have educational activities in the mentioned areas

Theoretical and practical for general and specialized doctoral students as well as research activities.

The dentist graduates must acquire the following skills at the end of the course:

1- Knowledge of prevention of oral diseases of children and adolescents with natural and special needs

2- Knowledge and ability to educate children and society about health and prevention of oral diseases in them

3- Ability to diagnose and treat oral problems of children and adolescents with natural and special needs

4- Ability to conduct research in relation to oral problems of children and society

5- Ability to diagnose and treat trauma problems in children and adolescents

6- Diagnosis and treatment of dental needs of young children or with special problems under anesthesia

Mission and goals:

1. In this section, the process of using scientific information for children's oral problems and their practical education, including child control, and veneers for deciduous teeth and all types of treatment in the fields of SR, SM and non-cooperative SM, preventive orthodontics, application of various types

Different for children

2. Training of graduates in both specialized and general courses with cognitive, skill and attitude abilities in the field of treatment of problems related to tooth decay are endodontic treatment (pulpotomy-pulpectomy) and preventive orthodontics.

3. Educate children and their parents about oral hygiene and try to preserve baby teeth through

Brochures are prepared.

4. Empowering students and professors in the field of scientific innovations and conducting applied-fundamental research through search and critique of articles.

Is intended.

How to educate patients:

How to educate patients:

Types of methods to prevent gum disease on the model or through brochures prepared or practically to children, the client is trained

Group meetings:

The meetings of the children's group are held once every 3 weeks on Mondays at 11 o'clock in the presence of the honorable members of the group, a copy of the minutes will be sent to the honorable educational deputy of the faculty.

Group equipment:

9 units in the public sector